Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Hunt

Saturday morning we decided not to get up early to go out hunting, but to just wake up whenever Annabelle did and then decide if we wanted to head out. Josh decided that he would head back to a spot where he had been before. My brother, Aaron, and I had both drew a mule deer buck tag for an area close to town so we decided to hit that. We had permission to go on some private land, so that really helped! We spotted a buck on the way in so Aaron bailed out to go after it. Then my dad drove me back in a little further and sure enough we spotted two deer a ways off on a little hill. We got a little closer and realized they were both bucks! I put the sneak on them while my dad kept their attention on him. I was able to get up nice and close and pick which one I wanted. I dropped him with one shot. I was excited when I got up to him to see he was a 3x4 point. I was willing to take anything legal so a 3x4 was a nice surprise! We got him gutted and drug back to the truck through 2 draws and headed back to see if Aaron had gotten anything. It didn't take long for us to spot him just up from the road waving his orange. He had gotten a nice 3 point. However in the excitement of spotting the deer he ran off without a knife! So he drug his most of the way by himself with the guts still in it! We got his gutted out and drug down to the truck and were back home hanging them by 10:00 a.m. Now that's my kind of hunt!

The mighty hunters.

I know, I look hot in camo. Just kidding, actually the outfit is far from flattering and I love it!

I'm sorry the pictures aren't great so here is a better shot of the rack with my NEW camera that just came yesterday. I am so excited about it!

**Sorry if you're not my kind of girl (or guy) and don't really appreciate pictures of dead things.**


The Reese's said...

i don't appreciate the whole hunnting thing but think it's neat to see a girl so into it :)

Montana Brandts said...

Nice Job Sally!! That is a nice big one!! Poor Josh, must have been so jealous!! But, someone has got to put that meat on the table!! And, I think you look hot in that Camo!! I love camo... it is so comfy, I would wear it everyday if I could!! I am so impressed with you!! GOOD JOB!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job Sal! I'm so proud of you! That's a pretty nice buck. I wish I could have been there to see how excited you were. Love Auntie Penn

california smiths said...

That is impressive, I think it is neat when a girl gets into the middle of hunting. Very unique!

Anonymous said...

i remember that drag. it was not so fun witht all the guts still in it. IT WAS REALY HEAVY!!! but me being a manly man i drug it by myself lol:)