Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Trip

We were lucky enough to get to go back to Montana for Thanksgiving! Annabelle and I flew into Bozeman the Sunday before and my parents picked us up and drove us back to Drummond. Then Josh drove up on Tuesday. The week was filled with lots of time with family. Annabelle's grandparents and great-grandparents were thrilled to see her. I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few from our adventures.

Annabelle enjoying a snack and movie in the SLC airport.

She did so good for her first flying experience!

We were very fortunate to have dry roads the entire trip! In case you're wondering what this picture is, the car says it is 62 degrees out on the 30th of November. Crazy!!!

Annabelle thought she was in heaven finishing off her dad's lemonade and finding his hunting snacks (Doritos) stashed next to her in the packed car.

Josh was lookin' good driving home. Every hunting season he grows out a goatee and doesn't shave it until the season is over. And in MT the season is over a month long so he gets looking a little ragged.

After Josh arrived on Tuesday, the hunting began. Josh hunted hard all week but never saw anything he could shoot. I, on the other hand, only went out a few times but managed to get a buck. I'll post more about that when my mom sends the pictures of it. We left MT on Saturday and stayed the night at Josh's parents in Utah. It was great to get to see Josh's sister, Ashley, who just returned from her mission. Then we finished the trip back to Rifle on Sunday. After all the fun and travel we are glad to be in our own home!


Montana Brandts said...

What a fun trip!! And, I'm lovin' the facial hair! Zack, tried to grow out a beard, but I told him if he ever wanted me to kiss him again that he had to shave it! Honestly, I don't know how you do it! I couldn't handle it!! And, do I even have to tell you how incredalby proud I am of you and your deer hunting abilities!! Honestly, I wish I could have gone this year!! Real women hunt!! And, own their own guns!! YEAH!! Nice job Sally!!

Montana Brandts said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention how stinkin' cute Annabelle is! What a cutie!! And, to be so good on the plane!! Good job Annabelle!!

The Reese's said...

sounds like a fun week! congrats on beating josh in the hunt :)

Montana Brandts said...

Yea!! I am so excited... MUSIC!! And, don't worry there aren't a whole lot of christmas songs to choose from, and I wouldn't care even if you did want to copy my playlist!! We are alike in so many ways, we might as well be twins! ;)

Shannon said...

I'm glad you had fun in Montana! I'm so sad that I barely missed you! P.S. Your blog is so cute and Christmasy! I love it!