Friday, February 27, 2009

My Little Pal

I love this little girl. Not only does she look like me but she acts like me. Here she is enjoying licking a beater at 10:00 am. Love it!
She is my little partner in everything. Since Josh is working so much, Annabelle and I pretty much do everything together and I like it that way. Of course there are those trips to the store that make me question my child raising skills, but that's all part of mothering. I love her no matter what. She has so much personality in that little body and it makes me laugh all day long. And did I mention that she is hilarious? She says the funniest things. Here are a few good ones....
"See ya, Wal-Mart"
"Night Night, Love You, See Ya" every night as she goes to bed
"Are you ok?" She says that when she gets hurt, like that's what she wants us to say to her.
Yesterday she did something obnoxious while Suzy and Jackson were over and I said, "Annabelle where did you learn that?" and her reply was, "Jackson!" Yeah, right.
Pointing to each person, "This is mama" "This is dada" "This is baby" "This is Annabelle" over and over and over.

And I just love it when she asks for juice. She doesn't get it very often so it is a real treat to her. So she gets a real sweet look on her face and kindly says "Shuice?" while signing it oh-so-cutely.
I asked her if she wanted to go in the truck to go to the store and she said, "Oh No. That's dada's truck!"
And just look at how great of a big sister she is going to be. Carrying the diaper bag and all. I love my little Annabelle Rae!


Anonymous said...

Now that Annabelle has got to be about the cutest thing ever! I got a web cam and as soon as I get it hooked up I am so looking forward to chatting with her! Hope you are doing well and feeling great. Talk to you soon. Love, Auntie Penn

Shannon said...

What a cutie! If my kids are half that cute, I will be happy! And can I just say that you are the cutest mom!

Penny said...

What in the world? Annabelle looks so big in the top picture! When did that happen. Doesn't she know that she should be cute and little forever? If you have noticed I haven't commented on your blog for a bit. I was boycotting you. After the "I finally don't look fat, but pregnant picture" I admit I was a bit bitter. It was a personal issue that I've worked through now. He He just kiddin' you look awesome! Good Luck on the rest of it!

Montana Brandts said...

She is so cute!! She is talking so much! Doesn't it make you sad but happy at the same time! It's a funny mixed emotion! They are hilarious when they talk, but it means that they are getting bigger and bigger!! Oh, but they are so cute!!

Jenny said...

Annabelle is a cutie!

This has nothing to do with this post, but you need to check out my friend Nilda's blog post: Are you from Montana? (which she is) I didn't get alot of the stuff, but I think you would enjoy it.