Monday, February 23, 2009


Here are some pictures of a few projects I have been working on lately.

I painted a wall in my master bathroom. It was all just too neutral with the wall color and tile but I think this made a big difference and makes the tile surround stand out more. I'm still changing out decor and such but once I have my curtain hung I'll post another picture.

This is an entryway bench that Josh made for me. He drew up the plans and built it all from scratch! I LOVE it. Right now it is in the priming stage but eventually it will be a tan color.

It will have baskets under the seat for storage.

And it will have a cushion on top to match these slip covers I made for our couch.
This little table is really nothing special. I got it for free off Craigslist last fall but I'm just finally getting it finished up. It was a really ugly wood veneer but soon it will be finished with a pretty glossy white coat (it's only primed so far) and put in Annabelle's room for a little play table for puzzles and coloring and such.
And just what has little miss Annabelle been up to while I've been doing projects? Basically just being as cute as ever. In this picture she was pretending to be sleeping and then waking up on a camping mat. Adorable, isn't she?


california smiths said...

Will you PLEASE come decorate my house when it gets finished. I LOVE what you are always doing. So cute!!

Jenny said...

HOW do you redo furniture that has fake wood laminate/verneer stuff on it? I'm curious because I have a few pieces I want to do.

Anonymous said...

The house projects are great but my personal favorite project that you are working on is Annabelle. She looks so grown up playing on the mat! It makes me miss you even more. Love, Mom

The Reese's said...

so cute! you always seem so busy with tons of stuff! if i were you i'd think of doing the bench in a color (like red or black) to stand out a little more than different shades of tan. either way josh is amazing at that stuff!

Kevin and Cami said...

I was looking at your blog the other day and Cheltzi saw the picture of you and Josh and she got so excited. "I know her mom, I know her". Then I scrolled down and showed her the picture of Annabelle and she got even more excited and screamed, "That's Annabelle, mom." I thought it was too cute. I had to share with you. I like your new background.


Kevin and Cami said...

I didn't know we had play group today. Last week Heather said we weren't having it. Bummer. Cheltzi is just getting over pink eye so I don't think it would have been good to take her anyways. I would hate to share it with anyone. It was nasty.

Montana Brandts said...

You are so demestic!! I am so impressed with you everytime you do a project! I could never do all that you do!! You are awesome! I am at my mom's checking my e-mail and blogs real fast! I couldn't take it anymore!! I'll call you later today... I have some news to share with you!!

Page Family said...

I just found your blog from Cami's blog. You are so talented!! I love the bench!