Saturday, May 30, 2009


I was working on something in the kitchen yesterday and when I looked up, this is what I saw. Annabelle had put one of her dolls up at the table in her booster seat. It freaked me out for a second while I had this flash forward a few months and a fear of Annabelle trying to do this to her little sister.

Annabelle was thrilled to see I had the camera out and was taking a picture of her work so she wanted to pull a cheesy grin for me. She has been using this face a lot lately. When she wants something or she is in trouble she'll sort of look over her shoulder and do a sweet little smile. She totally knows how to work the system! It's just too hard to explain how much I love her!Our nice neighbor brought over some baby clothes yesterday. While I was going through them last night, Annabelle was so excited. She quickly stripped down and started trying on the clothes. Here she is sporting a 0-3 mo. onesie and a pair of 3-6 mo. pants. Not the most modest attire but she wears it well!

I've had so much fun with Annabelle this week. It makes me just that much more excited to be having another girl. Before I know it we'll have another set of toenails to paint and more hair to fix and put bows in. I love it when Annabelle asks for me to "do hair", which means she wants me to run my straightener through it and tame her wild mane. I love it when she helps me cook dinner almost every night. I love it when she tries on a pair of my heels. And I love it just as much when she pretends to ride Josh's motorcycle, chases grasshoppers, digs in the dirt and uses tools to work on her bike. Girls are the best! I'm so lucky to be having another one. I have a great life.

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Kevin and Cami said...

How are you doing? Tracy told me tonight that you started having contractions. If you need anything let me know. I can come get Annabelle for an afternoon so you can rest or whatever you need.