Monday, June 8, 2009

Little Update

I wish I had something exciting to post about, but I don't. Not much has been going on. We were supposed to take a nice little vacation this last weekend but that didn't happen. Josh had arranged for the time off and we had all our reservations made, but then I ruined that and we ended up being stuck here. Little miss Annabelle has had a runny nose and cough too so it's probably better that we didn't go, but I was still disappointed. Poor Josh had to spend his days off taking care of the rest of us instead of relaxing in pools and seeing the sights. He did get to fish a little bit and caught his first trout in Colorado. This is the only picture I got and it was taken through the windshield from inside the truck so it's not too great.

And here was Annabelle "helping" her dad work on the truck. Of course, she had to be right up underneath there!

I love how she has her own tool and chose to wear her boots for the job.

Actually, something really exciting did happen. I have a new little nephew. Trapper and Suzy's little Braden was born last week and he is absolutely tiny and adorable! Of course I can't really help or go visit since Annabelle is sick but I wish I could. We did get to see him in the hospital and it made me even more excited for our little one to arrive. Apparently a little too excited. But for now I am happy to keep her right where she is inside me. Quite honestly I'm a little tired of Dr office and hospital visits.


Montana Brandts said...

I hope there are no more hospital visits either!! I can't wait to meet this little girl, but not too soon! She needs to grow and develope a bit more!! I am glad you guys got to still go out, even though you had to sit in the truck, it's better than bed right?!? We love you all!!

Grandma Kroll said...

Hang in there - every day counts. I'm very excited to see baby girl and her mom but will wait until it's the best time for both for this to be over. Kiss my Annabelle. Let Josh know that we do miss him too. I'm glad he's making you follow orders.

Austin said...

Hey guys! I'm just reaching out to some of the bloggers I find here in Montana. I'm based out of Missoula and have a blog here...

You guys look like you have a great family and are loving life, which is what I'm all about. Your daughter is a cutie!

I hope you take some time to flip through my posts. I try to make them as entertaining as possible, though I fear at times I cross the line into 'rant' territory. But feel free to comment and don't hold anything back...see ya guys!