Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

My girls are so lucky. They have the best dad in the entire world! Josh is so good to them. He already loves our baby girl so much and takes such good care of me so that she will be healthy. And he adores Annabelle just as much as she adores him. He lets her tag along for motorcycle rides. He takes her fishing with him. He'll sit and build houses out of blocks with her. He's the best.
My dad is the most giving person I've ever met. It's not uncommon for him to return home with a homemade peach pie or other goody that he accepted as payment for a service call. He'd do anything to help someone out.
My father in law is such a great dad to all his kids, but an especially good example to his sons. I know that Josh is the good father he is today partly because of the example he had in his home growing up.

I am lucky to have such great fathers in my life!

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