Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Half Done

That's pretty much how everything is around here....half done. It drives me crazy! I have had to just put projects away and try my hardest not to think about them. If I get them out and try to work on them (since I have plenty of time!) I just get frustrated because it isn't going fast enough. Or I need something to finish it up and I can't just run to the store and get it. So I've given up, atleast for now, on a few things. But here is some progress.

The crib skirt actually was finished months ago but we just got the crib set back up. The height setting on the crib makes it hard to see but it really is cute. There is a box pleat in the center of each side. There are blankets stuffed under the crib for now, no bumper pad yet, the skirt isn't ironed and the sheet is wrinkled too. Oh well, that's the reality of my life right now. Basically a mess.
Annabelle's headboard turned out adorable! Josh designed and made it and I painted it. Notice the pile of books on the floor and we're still looking for a white dresser to match her new furniture. Somehow my plans to find an old, solid wood one to refinish just aren't working out! So for now it's mismatched bedding and no bedskirt here yet.

The top of Annabelle's quilt is done but that's as far as it has gotten. I just can't seem to get the back together, get to the store to get batting, and get it pinned quilted and bound. This one is really driving me crazy because sewing is something I could easily be doing during naptime if this stupid medicine didn't make me so exausted and require an afternoon nap too. But can't you just picture how darling this will look with Annabelle's white headboard!?!

And finally, here is a belly picture. This was taken at 33+ weeks. When I looked at the picture I was shocked. I thought there was no way anyone was seeing this. I thought I looked huge....bigger than I really am. When the reality of it is I probably actually look bigger in person. Whatever. It is what it is.
Same outfit as the last picture I posted so you can really see how I've grown. Yikes! Baby girl seems to be doing well. I had another trip to the hospital but luckily things got stopped a lot quicker since I went in sooner instead of after 12 hours. Now I'm counting down the days until I can get off these meds. I'm still hoping for next Tuesday. Pray that happens or I might have a meltdown right there in the Dr's office!


Montana Brandts said...

Okay can I juat tell you how amazing I think you are!! Honestly, you are so talented and creative, you always amaze me with all your talents! You have definete skills of magic, and you are doing all this while on "bed rest!" Honestly you are amazing! And, let's not forget to mention how talented and skilled Josh is too! You guys are a very talented and awesome family... I absolutly LOVE the headboard and the bedding! It is all so cute!! And, I don't think you look big at all, I think you are so tiny and cute! We hope everything is going well, we love you all!!

california smiths said...

Annabelle's bed looks so good! Josh did a great job and the baby's crib sheet looks gorgeous. Good luck getting everything done and staying healthy while doing it! You seem to be handling it all really well.

Grandma Kroll said...

You look very tiny to me! Do you want help to finish the quilt? You can send it this way or I can send batting to you. It would help me feel better about not being there to help if you would let me help with the quilt!