Monday, April 19, 2010

All About The Girls

I really need to write down some of the things the girls are doing at this age/stage so that I don't forget. So here they are in random order:

Annabelle (3 1/2 years)
-Likes to pretend she is different animals. She'll announce "I'm a horse!" and then run around saying "neigh" until she decides to switch animals. The most common is a goat where she refuses to saying anything but "meh".
-She gets on these kicks where she has to say what color everything is. We'll be driving down the road and she'll start saying yellow house, blue house, white house, green house, white house etc... She also tells us what color everyone's eyes are. "Mommy and Annabelle have matching green eyes. Daddy and baby have matching blue eyes."
-She insists on pickout out Layla's pajamas.
-Wants to go outside and ride her bikes All. The. Time.
-Asks for a cracker and some water before she goes to sleep.
-Can't keep her pants up. Just the other day I bought her size 24 month shorts and then had to take them back and get 18 month. I brought them home, cut off the tags and put them on her and the next thing I know 2 inches of her bum is hanging out! Definitely has the Yates' genes, lucky girl.
-Yells from the bathroom "I need pee paper!"
-Speaks in the third person. For example..."No mommy, Annabelle don't want to."
-Thinks she can climb anything, and she does.

Layla (almost 9 months)
-Mauls everything like a bear. We call her our little grizzly bear. She likes us to lay down on the floor and then she crawls all over us and growls.
-Still squeals like a pterodactyl.
-Wakes up once per night.
-Waves goodbye. (and it is oh-so cute)
-Loves to see how long she can stand balanced.
-Started taking a few steps.
-Loves to crawl up stairs and thinks she can go down them too. She can if they have long runs but if they are standard stairs she ends up sliding down them on her belly.
-Gets super excited when she sees me making a bottle. She waves her arms up and down and says "bababa".
-Eats just about anything she can get her hands on.
-Has the most kissable cheeks I've ever seen.
-Doesn't roll over. If she gets on her back she's like a turtle on it's shell.....stuck.
-Still doesn't have any teeth. I'm wondering if she even has them!
-Blows bubbles.
-Bobs her head around to dance to music.


Montana Brandts said...

Oh they are so cute!! I LOVE to hear what Annabelle does & says, she cracks me up! She is seriously so funny! And, I can't believe all that Layla is doing already, it's not fair how fast they grow. She is so cute! I LOVE both your girls so much. They are the cutest girls EVER!!

J@y kr{}LL said...

Sorry about the third person thing, I may have taught that to her. lol. but i haven't been home too much so maybe it's just genetic. :)