Saturday, April 24, 2010

Family Picture Bloopers

I was looking back over our family pictures from November 2009 and was just cracking up at my girls. Pictures with them are always a challenge. Annabelle usually has her mouth hanging open or a finger in her mouth. And Layla makes some silly faces. This just shows how impressive Ashley is that she can get good shots with these two stinkers! Just thought I'd share for some of our family to see.

One of Annabelle's classic moves.
Wide eyes, Layla!
Annabelle was like...You want me to do what? And Layla looks so bald to me. She has way more hair now and I forgot how thin it was back then.
This just reminds me of how funny it was trying to get Layla to prop herself up for some pictures even though she couldn't actually sit up on her own yet.

Oh how I just love this little girl......Arm rolls are the best!
L.O.V.E. this!

What a joke.
Can you say chubby cheeks!?!


Montana Brandts said...

I L.O.V.E. them all! I love blopper pictures, those are always the best, they show personality & true colors! They are all so cute!! It's so crazy how big Layla has gotten just since these we all taken. You have the cutest girls in the world!! How can they not put a smile on your face?!? So stinkin' cute!!

Shannon said...

Those are so cute! It was so fun to finally meet Layla in person! She is such a doll, and Annabelle is cuter than ever!