Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Black Bean Salsa

Several people have asked me for my black bean salsa recipe so I decided to just post it on our recipe blog. Everybody has their favorite fresh salsa recipe, and this is mine. I combined a few recipes to come up with this one. It is not really spicy, just fresh and declicious. I can't wait to use my own home grown tomatoes, green onions and cilantro for it this summer. By the way, anybody ever grown cilantro before? Is it going to grow for me here?

Anyway, click HERE if you'd like to get it. And if anyone wants to post on the recipe blog, just let me know and we'll get you set up to join.

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The Reese's said...

i have a similar favorite recipe but i got on your blog and i'm definitely going to try a few of the others, they look great!