Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mini Vacation

A couple weeks ago my sister's husband, Charlie, had to have an emergency cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal). Things didn't go so smoothly and there were some complications. I'll spare you the details. Anyway, he was finally discharged from the hospital but sent home with a tube coming out his chest. Obviously they need to be very careful that it doesn't get knocked out or loose or anything of the sort. Moria was worried about having their dog, Sox, around so we decided to have him come stay in Drummond while Charlie recovers. Moria and Charlie live in Vancouver, Washington so we decided to meet up in Spokane to exchange Sox. Josh and I talked it over and decided to make a little mini family vacation out of it. I did a little research on things to do in Spokane, booked a motel, and we were off.
We loaded up Friday morning and headed out. Our first stop was Missoula. We had a couple appointments scheduled, including Layla's 9 month checkup. I can't believe my baby is 9 months old already! She is a healthy 16lbs, 7oz and a short 25 inches which translates into one cute, chubby baby! Then we had some time to kill before our afternoon appointment so we went to the mall and let the girls play on the train. Annabelle thought it was her lucky day. We did a little shopping, finished up in Missoula and headed on. We stopped for dinner in Couer d'Alene and then went to our motel in Liberty Lake. Annabelle was totally freaked out when we walked in and she saw the swimming pool. She must have thought we tricked her and were going to make her get in it! We did go down to the pool later but it was a little cold for Layla's taste and of course Annabelle plopped herself on a chair and wouldn't get off so the pool fun didn't last long!
Annabelle loved the motel room. She thought it was super fun to get to sleep in her own queen size bed and jump on it too. Saturday morning we got up and ready and headed out to breakfast. Annabelle has nicknamed IHOP, "Hoop-lah" and said she liked her eggs at Hoop-lah. What a silly kid. Then we decided to make a quick stop by the Spokane Temple. I wanted to take the opportunity for Annabelle to actually go to a temple grounds for the first time. Layla was asleep in the car and it was raining on and off but we took a few pictures so Annabelle can remember it. I think she liked it and a few of her comments were "It's white" and "It's so pretty".
After the temple we were off to Riverfront Park in Spokane. Of course there was some event going on and the roads were blocked off so we went on a little "scenic trip" before we found some parking. At the park we took a gondola ride over the river and the Spokane Falls and then went to the carousel. This was the girls first time on a carousel. I was afraid Annabelle might be scared but she loved it. Then we met up with Moria and got aquainted with Sox. After getting all his gear loaded into our car we headed back home.
Sox travelled really well and so did the girls. Now we are trying to settle back in and figure out what life will be like with a dog around. The girls like Sox and Annabelle is claiming him as her dog. I think they'll both be heartbroken when it's time for him to go back to Washington. But until then, we'll enjoy having him around!


Montana Brandts said...

What a fun little trip! & holy cow I imagined Sox to be a lot smaller for some reason, but oh contraire to my thoughts, he is a big dog! You are so great to do that for your sister & I have no doubt your girls are loving him! I know Kailey would be having a hay day!! You & your girls are so cute, serously you look amazing! One HOT mama! & I can't believe how big little Layla is already. She is so stinkin' cute! You are all just so stinkin' cute!

Trapper and Suzy said...

Fun times! Sox looks like a fun dog, too!