Saturday, July 10, 2010

KidDiE PaRadE

Oh the Drummond Kiddie Parade.....I remember when I was a little girl, the parade was a big thing. One year the theme was "When I grow up I want to be...." I decided I wanted to be tall when I grew up so I practiced walking on stilts. After a while it was clear there was no way I would make it down all of Front Street on those things, so I went with a back-up plan. I think I carried my violin and said I wanted to be a fiddler, or something along those lines. At that time I certainly wasn't thinking that when I grew up I would be a mom of a kid walking in that same Drummond Kiddie Parade!

The theme this year was "Life's a Circus". I made Annabelle this entire costume for a popcorn vendor. She was adorable! I made the hat and apron (which you can't really see in this picture) mostly with a serger and glue gun since the sewing machine is in the shop. It started dumping rain about half way through the parade but Annabelle was a trooper! I was so proud of her.

After the parade there were hot dogs, cotton candy and prizes. Of course, the cotton candy was a big hit!
Layla loved it too!
Annabelle won the prize for the Most Creative Girls Costume. Just look at her skipping back after she got the envelope....pure joy!
Cousin Javi came too. They are best buds.
And Annabelle met herself a new friend. They were almost inseparable.
They walked home together and held hands the entire time. I have never seen Annabelle be such instant friends with anyone before!
What a great summer day of making memories in good ol' Drummond.


Trapper and Suzy said...

What a fun idea for a parade! I wish they'd do something like that in our little town. You did a great job on her costume. She looks adorable.

...Laura... said...

I LOVE the popcorn vendor costume!! So darn cute. I'm going to have to save that in my ideas file :)

Shannon said...

Oh the kiddie parade! I totally forgot about that! I only did it twice. Good times :)