Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Utah trip

We had a fun-filled trip to Utah last weekend. My sister in law, Megan, left for her mission today so we went down to visit before she left. She will be serving in the Peru, Lima North Mission and I am certain she will be an excellent missionary!
Everyone was able to be there except Suzy and Jackson. Of course we missed them, but we sure had fun with everyone else. We enjoyed lots of games, visiting, and a trip to the Ogden Temple.

Krista, Braden, Grandma, Layla, Annabelle
Can you believe she will be 1 tomorrow!?!
Braden and Layla are only a couple months apart. It was fun to see them play together. They both loved the sand box!
Josh, the serious gamer.

Annabelle loved this trike that used to be Hayley's. No big surprise. She loves anything that has to do with Aunt Hayley!
The rest of the pictures are all from Snowbird. We spent almost the entire day there on Monday. We enjoyed the Alpine Slide, zip line, tram ride to the top, chair lift ride back down, bouncy castle, inflatable slide, and various jumping activities.

Kissing cousins!
At the top.

Josh, Annabelle and Hayley on the chair lift.
Layla and Grandma riding the chair lift.
Annabelle was hesitant at first, but once she got in the inflatables she loved them!
Megan, Braden, Grandma
Megan and Annabelle on the Alpine Slide.
Josh on the Alpine Slide. Turns out you can wreck on the slide. Josh and Derek (Ashley's good friend) both did!
The big kids!

It was another great trip to Utah. The worst is always the trip home. We are planning to go back down next month, but I'm not sure a few weeks is enough time to forget the misery of the return trip! The girls are usually great travelers but not yesterday! They're still whiny and tired. I think I'll invest in another portable DVD player (our last one broke) before the next trip!


Trapper and Suzy said...

Thanks for taking pictures of Braden and Layla. Trapper got a few, but he didn't take as many as I wanted.
I'm jealous of all the fun everyone had! I really REALLY wanted to be there, but oh well. Next time. Christmas....I guess. haha

Anonymous said...

That looks like a fun trip! Yes, it is possible to wreck on the Alpine Slide. Your Uncle Mike has first hand knowledge of this. Love, Auntie Penn

Montana Brandts said...

What a fun trip!! We were very sad we didn't get to see you this time around, but we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!! Yay!! I can't believe little Layla is 1 already, this last year really flew by fast! She is getting so BIG, but she sure is DANG CUTE!! Both your girls are darling little angels, I can't wait to see them, it's going to be so fun to see Layla & Carson "walking" around playing together!! Happy 1st Birthday Layla!!

Montana Brandts said...

P.S. might I add how stinkin' cute you look! You are one HOT MAMMA!!