Thursday, March 24, 2011

Will it ever end???

Things are crazy right now. Crazy in all kinds of ways. Crazy we're cramped in this 2 square foot house. Crazy Annabelle appears to be having night terrors. Crazy Annabelle can't sleep in her bed because then she'll keep waking Layla up every time she has an episode. Crazy she's sleeping in bed with me having seizure like episodes and crying and inconsolable. Crazy Josh is having to sleep in the living room to get any amount of sleep at all. Crazy I haven't had a decent night's sleep in a week. Crazy I'm kinda getting a little grouchy. I have to admit it.
Crazy Annabelle has been having shoulder pain for over a week. And random fevers. So crazy she went to the Dr on Monday. They drew blood and are testing for all sorts of things, such as a blood infection and rheumatoid arthritis. I'm sure it's nothing. Hopefully we'll have all the results today.
Crazy we still own that blasted house in Colorado. Crazy winter doesn't seem like it's ever going to end. It's official, as awesome as it would be, I could never live in Alaska. Crazy Layla's eye is getting worse. It's only a matter of time before she'll have surgery again. Crazy the more I run the thicker my legs get. Random, I know, but true. So much more craziness I could say. But on the bright side.........
We have a house to live in. Our vehicles run well. There was a great sale at Old Navy last week. We were able to play outside all afternoon yesterday. It was wonderful. Good therapy for the soul. 90% of the boys at story time yesterday were wearing camo. I loved it. When Josh doesn't have much work he can keep one of the girls when I have to run the other to town. My grandparents live close by. My girls get to know their great grandparents. Have you seen the Flint Creek Valley? I'm lucky enough to live there. I have crafting and sewing to do as my escape. I made this darling necklace for Annabelle.
There really is much good in my life. I used to be really good at seeing the goodness in the world. I'm getting good at it again. The better I am, the less I have to look to find it. Life is good. I love my family.
I have the cutest girls. Admit it. They're adorable.


Trapper and Suzy said...

That does sound crazy! I would be grouchy too, if all of that was going on with us too. I hope Annabelle's all right. We'll be praying for her. We'll keep all of you in our prayers!

Rachel said...

Oh Sally my heart goes out to you! I'll say a prayer tonight for all your CRAZINESS! Sending sunshine and hugs from AZ!