Friday, April 1, 2011


No, things haven't calmed down much around here. Last weekend Layla tripped and fell towards the wood stove at my parent's house. She put her left hand up to catch herself and you can imagine what happened. Poor baby girl got a 2nd degree burn on her hand and arm. Seriously, heart breaking. Annabelle's still having issues with her shoulder. I'm not sure we'll ever know for sure why she is hurting but I pray it will let up soon. But I do have to brag, she's such a brave girl. She doesn't even flinch when she has blood drawn. In fact, she giggled about it today. She definitely takes after her mom, and not her dad! The night terrors are semi-under control so some nights I get to sleep now.
Layla is obsessed with underwear lately. She will dig Annabelle's out of the dirty laundry and try to put them on. She is refusing to wear diapers. I guess I will be going MIA in potty training mode for awhile.
And just a little something that makes me smile lately. My brother sent this to me and it cracked me up. We are the proud owners of 3 pillow pets (2 ladybugs and 1 bee) and the girls LOVE them. They fold them up into the pets and pretend to ride them around the house. Super cute. So without further ado......Enjoy!

I laugh every time I see it!

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