Monday, May 23, 2011

Cycle 2

Just a quick update before I lay down to take a nap while Annabelle is too! Annabelle's ANC went from being 0 to 200, then 1100, then 15,000! The lab thought it was wrong so they made the nurse re-draw, but as we expected, it came back the same. She is off Neupogen (the shots) but it is the reason for such a high ANC count. She finally stopped fevering so she is off the antibiotic as well. She started her second cycle of chemo yesterday. This cycle she gets 2 new drugs, Etoposide (also called VP-16) and Ifofsamide. She did really well with them! No nausea, no nothing! They have switched her feeding schedule up a bit too. She gets tube fed through the night and then during the day she gets 3 different bolus feeds. It's like getting 3 meals. She has done well with them and today she was able to handle the bolus feeds running over an hour. Previously they took 2 hours but now she only has to be hooked up for an hour each time! She really, REALLY hates that she gets woken up every 2 hours at night to go pee. They do that to protect her bladder and make sure she is getting the chemo out of her body but it sure makes for one grouchy girl and one tired mama!

They still haven't figured out what is wrong with her central line. She had a fluoroscopy this morning which was basically a waste of time because they can't get anything in or out of that lumen so they weren't able to get any contrast in to see the line. It is some kind of defect with the line itself and most likely she will have to get a new line placed this week. Super! Not.

And lastly, I thought I'd share a cute little conversation I had with Annabelle earlier today. Downstairs at imaging they gave her a little ladybug stuffed animal and once we were back in her room this is how it went....

Annabelle: I think I want to share this ladybug wih Layla!
Me: Oh, that is so nice of you. She will love it! Remember how I was thinking about doing a ladybug party for her 2nd birthday? That would be perfect!
Annabelle: Yeah, and I want to do a butterfly party for you mom!
Me: Oh?
Annabelle: And I want a starfish party for my birthday!
Me: Wow, a starfish party!?! Cool. What kind of party should we do for daddy's birthday?
Annabelle: I think a deer party.

LOVE that girl!


Nursing Class of December 2011 said...

Hey ladies!
I'm so glad to hear that things are better in the count and fever department! I cried when I read about her hair...she had such beautiful hair but I am certain that she is just as gorgeous as ever :) I am also glad to hear that the second round of chemo is going well and that she has adapted to her feeding tube and feedings so well.
As always, you are in our thoughts and prayers...

Heather, Kylee and Laynee

Anonymous said...

thank your for your updates. Annabelle and your family are in my prayers.
Linda Allred

Brooke said...

You're in our prayers! Glad she's feeling well. Love the deer comment!

Jenny said...

That would be a great party for Josh. I wake up alot at night to go pee and I hate it too.
We are praying always for you guys.