Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She threw up what?

Annabelle is still doing really well with her treatments! She makes me smile because it's just no big deal to her anymore. She doesn't act any different when she is getting chemo than she does when it's just fluids. Now she doesn't even sqwak when they wake her up to pee at night. She hardly even opens her eyes. She just does her business and then it's back to bed! The nurse told me that during the night when they come in to do vitals she doesn't really wake up but as soon as they put the blood pressure cuff on her she automatically sticks her finger out to get the pulse ox put on. So sweet of her :)

Monday night we decided to try putting her anti-nausea meds through her feeding tube instead of her IV. I thought that would be one less alarm going off in the night if we did it that way. About 30 seconds later she sat up and puked all over. All over me, the bed, her PJs, pillow, blanket, you name it. If it was within 2 feet of her, it got hit! Serious projectile puking. Oh, and her feed tube came up as well! Let me give a little visual for those of you not familiar with NG tubes. It goes in through her nose and then down the back of her throat and into her stomach. When she puked it up it came out of her mouth so one end was sticking out her mouth and the other out her nose. Thankfully the nurse was right there and quickly put the tube back down while she was still recovering from the puking. Apparently the whole meds through the feed tube wasn't such a good idea! Then last night (Tuesday) her 5 pm feed was running, that's her dinner, and she had just finished playing a game and doing a puzzle with me. It was time for her bathroom break so we did that and as soon as I got her back in bed she puked. That time it must have been from all the moving around. Luckily her tube didn't come up that time though! Now I make her lay down and rest while the feeds run so hopefully that doesn't happen anymore.

Her ANC is back down in the expected range at 3200 today. Her hematocrit has been dropping and today it was 23.2 and her heart rate has been a little high, which means she will get her first blood transfusion today. Annabelle will finish this cycle of chemo tomorrow, and if she continues to do well she will be discharged on Friday. Yay! Josh's sister, Ashley, is getting married next week so all the family is starting to arrive and the festivities are beginning! I know it is going to be hard for Annabelle because she just won't have the energy to enjoy everything. I am a little worried about everyone wanting to see her too, but her counts will likely bottom out around wedding time, so don't be offended if I keep her isolated! The last thing we want is for her to catch something and have to come back to the hospital! I'm praying this 12 day stretch is the longest we ever have to stay! :)

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