Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ready to Roll

We are ready to roll on out of here...tomorrow! Annabelle has continued to handle the treatments really well, and for that I am very grateful. She had her first blood transfusion yesterday which helped a lot! She has more energy now and, overall, just feels better. The few days before she would walk to the end of the 4th floor hallway and then be winded and need me to carry her back. Last night she briskly walked all the way down and back. Then she rode a bike around the unit and took one of the cars for a spin too! She even ordered some food yesterday and ate a few bites. She ordered more tonight and is eating better than I thought she would.

Tonight she is finishing up her last day of chemo for this cycle. When the Dr came in this morning to talk about her getting out tomorrow, she got the biggest smile and was so happy to talk about everyone she was going to see! It made ME happy to see her so excited. The only bad part about today was when they made me pull out her NG tube so they could teach me to put it back in myself. She was not impressed. I haven't heard her scream like that in a LONG time. They will check her counts in the morning and if her RBC is dropping again they will give her another transfusion for a little boost before we go. Then we'll be on our way! I can hardly wait to sleep in a bed, snuggle Layla, see Josh and not be woken up every 2 hours at night. It's going to take me a few days to catch up on some much needed sleep, but I fully intend to do so!


Andersen said...

It is good to hear that you will be getting out of the hospital to be with family. You are such a strong mommy and I really look up to you for your strength. When you get to Tremonton and if you need any little medical help my mom is around the corner. We have been praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Its so good to hear that Annabelle is doing better and that the two of you are getting a break from the hospital! Love, Auntie Penn