Thursday, June 2, 2011


I promise a much needed update will come tomorrow, but for now just a few thoughts on my mind and a video to share. So first grab a box of tissues and watch this. Annabelle is not in this video, but these are all fellow fighters here in Utah. A small glimpse into the daily life of a cancer fighter and their family.


I am so proud to walk around with my bald headed Annabelle. To me it says "I am the lucky one chosen to be the mother of this precious girl. A child so strong she had to be given this (cancer) to test her." Don't you dream of having such an amazing child? I don't dream it, it is my reality!

As I was reading more about some of the other Utah Moms and their Cancer Fighting Cuties tonight I was overwhelmed and the tears flowed freely. All these amazing, strong women and their precious children. I don't feel like I can possibly be part of their group. At first I was freaked out and didn't want to be. I couldn't allow myself to read their blogs. How could I keep up and remember all of them??? I was so caught up in my own little world of cancer and wanted to keep to myself. But now I find strength through their experiences and pray that I might have the opportunity to provide that same strength to someone else.

I have the best husband in the world. He showed up to the hospital today with a memory foam pad for me. He cut it down to size and made my "bed" up for the night. Seriously, how could I do this without him!?! I'm kind of independently stubborn, meaning I like to think I can do everything BY MYSELF, but I wouldn't want to do it without him. Even though he has to go back to MT and I will only see him about once a month, he is my partner in this!

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Anonymous said...

Sally, you are just as amazing as the other moms in Utah fighting each day for their little angels! You have and will help others by your strong example of faith. Watching my dad fight the battle taught me so much and made me so thankful for the plan of happiness. I know that u are not alone in this trial. Hang in there and know we care!