Friday, June 3, 2011

Overdue Update

I haven't updated in awhile because I have been enjoying time with family! Annabelle got out of the hospital as planned 1 week ago. She had a few GREAT days that made me so happy. Josh came down and lots of family was here to celebrate Ashley (Josh's sister) and Derek's wedding on the 31st. She played and played and was SO happy. By Monday she was getting more emotional and tired and I knew her counts were dropping. On Tuesday she was able to make it to the temple for the wedding and pictures but then we headed back to the house to rest. Both Annabelle and Layla took nice long naps while Josh and everyone else went off to the dinner and reception. When Annabelle did wake up she wanted to go so we made it over for a bit of dancing. Layla was a dancing queen and LOVED it!

All the visitors left on Wednesday so we enjoyed some time with Josh. He even took me on a lunch date! :) Throughout the afternoon Annabelle was fevering a bit. After dinner when I checked her temp it was 101.9 so off we went to the local ER. She had labs done on Tuesday so I already knew she was neutropenic. I assumed they would want her to come to PCMC but the oncologist wanted her to go to our local hospital to get started on antibiotics and fluids right away. So Annabelle and I got another ambulance ride down to SLC. This time they flashed the lights and drove fast! I was glad because we were exhausted and I just wanted to get here and get settled in for the night.

Josh and Layla came down yesterday to visit and brought our car. Then Bev came later and took Josh and Layla back to Tremonton. Annabelle's hematocrit has been dropping so she got a transfusion yesterday and now feels much better. She hasn't fevered since we got here but she does have a sore in the corner of her mouth/lip area. She was on an extra antibiotic for that but the cultures came back negative for HSV so she is off that now. Also, this morning her platelets had dropped more so she will get a platelet transfusion this afternoon. Once she is done with that they said she can be discharged. Yay! We will keep our appt to be back inpatient on Tuesday for chemo and hope that her counts are high enough to start.

Josh headed back to MT this morning and we are already missing him. It breaks my heart when Annabelle cries and says she just wants to go home to Montana or says how much she misses her daddy. I don't like it either, but this is the way it has to be.

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