Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer O' Fun

I know it has been WAY too long since I last posted. Of course people worry when I don't post when really it should be the other way around. When Annabelle is doing well we are busy playing and having fun and don't have time to post. When she isn't doing well I have lots of time to update. The last few weeks Annabelle has done GREAT! As in Tony the Tiger Grrrrrrrrreat! She has had so much energy and we have enjoyed lots of things. My sister, Moria, came for a few days and we shopped, ate out, played in the yard and WENT TO THE CIRCUS!!! Annabelle was so thrilled to hear that a circus was coming to Tremonton, we just had to take her. Afterall, this is the Summer O' Fun. I want her to be able to enjoy her good days to the fullest because we just don't know what things will be like the next day...or after surgery and/or radiation...or next summer...etc. The girls had a good time at the circus and even rode on an elephant. I was quite shocked that Annabelle actually wanted to ride it, but when she came off of it she had the biggest smile (behind her mask, of course) I have seen in a long time! It was good for my heart.
Aunt Ashley and Uncle Derek also returned from their honeymoon so the girls took advantage of the few hours they were here and played and played and played with them. They were probably happy to leave and spend time alone again without the girls begging Derek to play! Besides all the visitors we have been playing outside, going for walks, swinging and just having fun.
Annabelle has finished cycle 3 of her chemo. Both the inpatient and the outpatient treatments went really well. She was feeling so good it was hard for her to be inpatient for a few days and just sit around! She started cycle 3 on the 7th of June, and here we are 9 days later with a fever, just like the last 2 cycles. Apparently the majority of the time kids on her treatment will fever during their nader (the few days that their counts bottom out). If she doesn't fever between them, it would really be lucking out. Too bad it can't be the other way around! The past couple days she has been getting more tired and her counts were dropping but yesterday she started feeling pretty bad. She kept gagging during her feeds at night and it was getting her so upset that we had to turn them off the last 2 nights. She was so weak I had to carry her around. Then yesterday evening she was laying in her bed while I was putting laundry away and she started gagging and then threw up. Thankfully her tube didn't come up this time! It had clogged this past weekend so I had to put a new one in, and trust me, that's about all the fun we can handle for one week! Anyway, she had a priesthood blessing and then was able to make it through the night. However, this morning she woke up and started dry heaving and had a fever. So off to SLC we went. I knew she was going to need a blood transfusion in the next couple days but I was hoping we could make it through without the fever! So here we are back at PCMC for fever and neutropenia (F&N). She has been sleeping off and on all day and snuggling with me and overall just feeling pretty miserable. We are still waiting for the transfusion, don't ask why it is taking so long, I don't get it either! Grrrrrrrr. I know once she gets the blood she will feel much better and then her body can deal better with the fevers.
Overall, with the exception of the past couple days, things have been going really well. I was almost feeling guilty, like cancer shouldn't be this easy. I guess I won't ever say that again...


Shannon said...

I'm so glad you've been able to have some fun! You girls deserve it! And a visit from auntie Moria...even better! :) Keep me posted. I'll be in SLC on Monday. I want to see you, but for your sake I hope you're not there.

RL Lacey Family said...

Thanks for being so strong Sally. Is there anything we can do to lighten your load? We love you guys. Hugs to Annabelle and Layla. We miss you and pray for your speedy return.

Laurie White said...

I'm glad you guys got to enjoy some much need fun time. We hope Annabelle is feeling good again really soon!

Lana said...

Would it help if we donated blood in Annabelle's name?

Anonymous said...


Thank you for letting me get to know Annabelle Rae on Sunday. I'm glad the idea of Tangled got her to smile, despite the discomfort she was feeling. What a brave girl you have.

Tim Conde