Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sunday the 21st Annabelle was trying to get off the bench at church and apparently I was sitting on the end of her dress. I leaned to the side and she kind of fell off the bench. She bumped her head on the bench in front of us, but honestly it was not a big one. She said it didn't even hurt, but over the next few minutes we watched it swell and bruise right in front of our eyes. It was insane! I knew for sure that Annabelle needed some platelets. We left church and I talked with Robert and he got us set up that afternoon to get a platelet transfusion. It was actually a blessing that she got that bump because it allowed us to get the platelets done Sunday instead of finding out on Monday when they drew labs and then having to get them before we could leave for home.

We spent Sunday night at my friend Jessica's and then Monday the 22nd we woke up early and went to Annabelle's radiation simulation appointment. As we were told, everyone there was SUPER nice and accommodating. It made it a lot easier on me. Things went quickly and Annabelle also got her "tattoo". It is just a small dot on her chest that they will use to line the machines up perfectly every time. Since we had labs on Sunday we were able to head out right away, pick Layla up in Tremonton and drive home to MT! The girls were good travelers but I was happy to get out of the car.

The week wasn't as great as I imagined it would be. The girls didn't sleep or nap well, Annabelle got a fever and ended up in the ER until 2am one night and her counts didn't recover as quickly as expected. We had to make extra trips to Missoula for lab draws and the whole thing was exhausting. However, I can now see how that worked out for the better. Annabelle's platelets were too low to start chemo and radiation so treatment has been delayed until the Tuesday after Labor Day. That means we get to stay in MT for a whole extra week we didn't expect! We are taking advantage of it and getting some stuff done around the house and having some fun. We are off to Yellowstone today and the girls are SO excited to sleep in a cabin. They are silly. The best part is, Annabelle's counts were great yesterday and she is feeling really good. Back to her normal goofy self. We are going to have a great week!


mac and jess said...

Glad you guys are home and things are going well for you guys. Have fun in Yellowstone!! Love you guys!

Jenny said...

I'm glad you get to spend extra time in MT. Have fun in Yellowstone! And watch out for killer bears. lol

michele said...

It's great to hear that you are going to have fun! Enjoy;-)