Saturday, August 20, 2011

We're Going Home!!!

We are ecstatic that we get to go home to MT next week! This will be the first time the girls and I have been back since Annabelle was diagnosed. While we are excited to see everyone, we need to set some boundaries.


6 - 8 PM at our house

Anyone is welcome to come visit! Bring a lawn or camp chair, if you'd like, and come see Annabelle. We will provide some sort of snack.

We ask that you please be respectful and only stop by during that time. Our time with Josh is limited and we also don't want to wear Annabelle out. If you and/or your children are sick, please only wave from inside your car. That might sound harsh, but this mama bear has to protect her girl!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone!


Jenny said...

Wish I could come! I am so excited you get to go home. Have a great visit!!!!

michele said...

Sally so happy to hear you are going home.
Michele Corbin

Anonymous said...

Welcome back home to Drummond. Wish I could be there. Last time I saw Annabelle was when you were in Bozeman. I love that you're able to get back home, even if it's for a small amount of time.

-Cousin Jodi