Saturday, August 20, 2011


Annabelle's first time listening to her very own Song of Love.

Not so happy about being woken up for an EKG.
Cycle #6!

Waiting at MRI.

Waking up after the MRI.

Her latest favorite thing to eat at the hospital...cheese and crackers!

Nice hat.

I walked into the room one day after taking a shower and this is what she had been doing while I was gone!

Looking like a lion with a skirt on her head.

Cruising the halls of ICS. One day she spent atleast 3 hours riding up and down the halls with me chasing behind with the IV pole!

She was so excited to ride this wiggle car through the halls, down the elevator and out to the car in the parking garage when we left after finishing cycle 6!

Willard Bay.

Picnic at the bay. I adore these girls!

Josh spoiled me with flowers on my birthday and our anniversary, which were in the same week. He is too good to me!


Jenny said...

The pens up the nose crack me up! Love the pictures.
Good job, Josh for the flowers. :)

Nic and Shannon Rich said...
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