Thursday, October 20, 2011


The proper title to this post would probably be "Not Breathing" but that might freak people out when they saw that. But I figured it easiest to post here instead of trying to answer calls from everyone.

Yesterday Annabelle had the same issue during her sedation where she stopped breathing for a little bit. Not that big of a deal, the anesthesiologist was expecting it. Today, however, was a different story. This time when that happened they weren't able to breathe for her because her airway was blocked off. All the swelling combined with her not swallowing her saliva was causing problems. An oral airway wasn't doing the trick so they had to insert an LMA, or laryngeal mask airway. It goes back behind the tongue and inflates to keep the airway open.

As they were bringing her down the hall I heard them saying "Breathe Annabelle, come on, take a nice deep breath!" She was so sleepy and there was so much mucus that she couldn't keep her oxygen up. I would irritate her and try to get her to wake up and breathe but she would slump over and the alarms on the monitor would sound. She ended up having to take an oxygen bottle for the ride back to PCMC and she still would go long periods without taking a breath. Thank goodness we have a good nurse today!

She is back in her room now sleeping away. Her oxygen is fine and her heart rate is alright, we're just used to seeing her heart beating twice or even nearly three times as fast as it is now. Her blood pressure is on the low side, but still considered fine. She does respond if we try and wake her so we aren't' concerned she is too sedated, she is just awfully sleepy. Her respirations are about half of what they usually are per minute, but she is maintaining good oxygen levels so we'll let her be for now.

I'll update again after the doctors finish seeing her, but she really is fine for now.

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