Friday, October 21, 2011

Radiation Graduation

Today was Annabelle's last day of radiation! I am so relieved to have it finished so her body can now start to heal from all of the effects. I am SO PROUD of her and how well she has handled everything. The doctors were just in and saying how brave and tough she is. They know she can handle a lot of pain, but she shouldn't have to be uncomfortable, so they upped her morphine again. Sorry, that was a random side note, but I am one proud mama and I hope to someday be as tough as her.

She likes to wear fun things to radiation to show off to all of her friends there. The last 2 days she was her favorite princess, (because of the PINK dress) Sleeping Beauty. She also insisted we call her Aurora. It wasn't just for fun and being silly, she was serious! I blame that on the roid rage.
Today she wore her Halloween costume so everyone could see it. Introducing....Tinkerbell!

Just a little spit hanging from the mouth.
Walking in to radiation, wings and all!
The therapists faces as they saw her highness arrive. They all dressed up for her last day too. She loves these girls! And they love her.

They even decorated the room extra fun for her last day and spoiled her with presents!

Rubbing her itchy face before falling asleep.
It was a bittersweet moment for us as we left Huntsman today. Sweet because she is one step further along with her treatment, but bitter because she loves going there so much. I asked her this morning if she was excited that it was her last day of radiation and she started crying and said she was sad because she is going to miss her friends there! She never made the connection that the radiation was the cause of her pain and inability to swallow. She is already excited to go back in a few weeks for a follow-up appointment.

I love you Annabelle Rae! You were so brave while they zapped the cancer, now we're one step closer to killing it, forever!


Montana Brandts said...

Yay!! I am SO proud of Miss Annabelle too!! she is one tough brave kiddo!! Hooray for no more Radiation & for being closer to the finish line!! Lots of love!!

AMcGrew said...

Yay!!! Annabella is done with radiation!!!:) Sally, you have an amazing daughter. (And she is so pretty!) Hope you guys can have some good rest over this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yay Annabelle! That is a huge accomplishment! Sending our love and prayers - Laurie White & family