Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Back

Last week I started to feel like I was getting sick. It felt like a cough forming in my chest and I was super worried about being around Annabelle. As much as I hated to leave her, I knew I had to let someone else come for a few days. My wonderful mother-in-law (she seriously is amazing), Bev, came to stay with Annabelle and I went back to her house to try and take her spot. It was so good and SO fun to spend a few days with just Layla. She seriously cracks me up. She has changed a lot, and since I have only seen her for a few days in the last 2 months because of radiation, I could see big changes in her. Just as we were driving out of SLC she was surprising me. Every church we would drive by she would say, "Mommy, temple, Temple, TEMPLE!" I don't think I'd ever heard her say that word before. And when I'd turn my blinker on she'd click her tongue along with it. When did she learn to click her tongue??? My baby is growing up and I'm missing so much of it, so it was great to be with her! She talked my ear off and half of it I needed grandpa to translate for me! Sad, but true. We played together, cooked meals, baked and decorated cookies, went to a birthday party and did lots of snuggling! I may have spoiled her a bit and let her sleep in bed with me (sorry, Bev!), but I couldn't resist. She truly IS irresistible.

I knew Annabelle was in good hands, but I was still willing to do anything to try and fight off whatever was coming on so I could get back to her. I was rubbing oils on my chest, swallowing whole spoonfuls of minced garlic and taking handfuls of vitamins and herbs! (I probably would have done just about anything you told me might help so I could get back to Annabelle.) But it did work, and I am feeling much better.

Today as I was changing Layla's diaper she was saying, "Monkey, ooo ooo, ahh ahh", so we started going through the animals and what they say. I asked her what Layla says but I can't remember her response. Then I asked her what mommy says and she replied "Love you, bye. Sissy hopsital." Broke my heart! Apparently that's what she hears me say a lot. "I love you, bye. Gotta take sissy to the hospital!" Well, at least she knows I love her! Thank goodness radiation is over and soon we will be able to spend more time back at grandma and grandpa's with Layla Jane!


Grandma Kroll said...

Love you my brave Sally.

Anonymous said...

I know I say this a lot (I mean it evey time), but I am so, so proud of you! Love, Auntie Penn

Unknown said...

Hi Sweet Sal,

Your strength radiates(no pun intended)to everyone who reads the words that come from your heart. We love you and your baby girls and all who are at your side. There is a greater meaning to all of this we can't understand. Keep saying those prayers and believing we are all worthy to receive God's blessings from above.
Love, hugs and slugs
Auntie Gail