Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: PCMC Style

It would appear that Halloween has some bad luck for us. This is the second year in a row that I have been in the hospital with one of the girls on Halloween. Last year it was Layla. Here she was back home on Halloween night.

And here she was, just a few days before, in the hospital with periorbital cellulitis and adenovirus.
Those pictures still break my heart! She was one sick kiddo. This year I spent it at Primary's with Annabelle, but luckily she was feeling pretty good today. In fact, I quite enjoyed doing Halloween this way. No snowsuits needed (that's a Montana joke), no driving between stops, lots of fun activities and no clean up required by me, and Annabelle didn't eat a single piece of candy! What's not to love!?!

Annabelle was an adorable Tinkerbell. She even color coordinated her coban holding her dressing around her neck to match her outfit!
Annabelle has a bag here full of dress-up stuff so I pulled a few things out for trick-or-treating on the ICS unit. That crown was so tight and digging into my head it gave me a headache. And you can thank the photographer (Mike) for cutting off my bottom half which was sporting a too small tutu. I'm just so glad I didn't rip the thing, Annabelle would not have been happy!
Everyone here was encouraged to dress up. It was fun to see what some of the nurses and staff did. I loved the whoopie cushion costume...cracked me up!
Presenting Irish as......Dorothy (Toto included).
They had a carnival downstairs with lots of things to do. Bubbles...
Cookie decorating...
...and so much more that I didn't get pictures of. Just look at those eyes and see the smile behind that mask. She loved it!
Then there was lots more trick-or-treating. 4 floors of trick-or-treating to be exact! Hence the need to be pulled in a wagon.
After filling an entire bucket with candy and goodies, we came back to Annabelle's room. We found out that her neighbor (the patient next door) couldn't leave the unit because his counts were too low. Sad! Well, since Annabelle isn't eating anything anyway, she gave a bunch of her candy to him. He was so sweet and gave her a hug.
This picture cracks me up! She was being goofy and licking frosting off her finger.
Admiring her loot.
And last, but certainly not least, Layla as a doggy!
She is so obsessed with dogs, this was the perfect costume for her! See what I'm saying, that girl is irresistible! I absolutely adore her.


Grandma Kroll said...

One has to wonder where you would find red ruby slippers in a man's size 10+??? I am so glad that Annabelle is feeling better. Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

Crystal and Skyler said...

Im so glad you guys had fun even though you were inpatient. Annabelle looks adorable! That picture of her hugging that boy made me cry. So sweet. These kids are amazing!

Jamie said...

Sally, I think you sport the pink tutu perfectly!!! Glad Annabelle had such a fun night at the carnival and trick or treating. 4 floors would equal lotts of yummy goods.

california smiths said...

Courtney was a dalmation for Halloween when she was two! Layla looks darling and it looks like an eventful night for you and Annabelle too!

Anonymous said...

All three of my girls are adorable! Love, Auntie Penn