Sunday, November 6, 2011


Annabelle was discharged from the hospital this last Tuesday, the 1st of November. What a glorious day! She had been in for 18 days, her longest stay yet. I know a lot of other cancer treatments require kids to be in for much longer than that, but thankfully that isn't the norm for Ewing's Sarcoma. Her poor body has been through so much just trying to recover from the effects of radiation. But the way I figure, it had to have killed any cancer cells left in the area, because it seemed to kill everything else living around there! It was heartbreaking to see her neck burned so badly and her unable to swallow for weeks, so I am glad that is over with. She is now completely off pain meds and just started eating real food the last few days. Up until then she had only been drinking and eating popsicles. She is still on TPN but I am hopeful that she won't need that too much longer or that we can at least switch to an NG tube. I know she won't be thrilled about that but it is better for her than being on TPN for long periods of time. Yesterday when I took the dressing off her neck to clean it, the last scab fell off! She now has new, fresh pink skin and doesn't have to keep it wrapped up.

For now we are enjoying being back with Layla. Even the occasional cat fight they get into feels so good to me. It is great to be with BOTH my girls again. If only Josh were here too...I miss him. Layla is more hilarious and adorable every day. She is so easy going and such a delight! I am very blessed.

Annabelle is scheduled to start chemo again this coming Tuesday. She had labs drawn on Thursday and her platelets were still only at 32 and they need to be at 75 to start chemo, so we'll see what her counts are tomorrow and whether or not she'll actually start on Tuesday. Part of me wants them to still be too low so that we can enjoy more time here and possibly make it to Disney on Ice, which I purchased tickets to several weeks ago. And another part of me is worried that it has been 5 weeks since she started her last cycle of chemo and they are supposed to be 2 weeks apart. Radiation really took its toll on her body and I hope and pray that it won't take so long for her counts to recover between each of the rest of her 9 cycles. The more condensed the treatment is, the higher the cure rate. Not to mention, the sooner she finishes treatment, the sooner we can be together as a family again and move forward with a new chapter in our lives!

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Anonymous said...

Sally - I finally checked in and got caught up. What an ordeal you have been through. I can't wait to meet you all and give you big hugs and share my deep adoration for all of you!!
Has there been a fundraiser in Drummond? If not, but there is one planned, let me know as if I can make it, I would love to go over and support your husband/family.
Thinking of you often and sending many many prayers for healing and comfort - Cynthia (and McLain!)