Monday, November 14, 2011

Disney on Ice

Annabelle's counts took so long to recover that it worked out great for her to go to Disney on Ice! I had gotten tickets a couple months ago, obviously not knowing where Annabelle would be at in her treatment, but praying she'd be able to go. She was SO excited about the entire day's events and she wasn't disappointed. Layla went too and she also loved it. It was so much fun to do something "normal" like that with my girls! And it was extra fun that we got to go with friends. The girls enjoyed seeing their friends and I know I loved hanging out with Jessica, Judy and Brittany. It was an evening full of fun and laughter!

The crew (minus me taking the picture and Layla whom I was carrying).
Layla, Annabelle and Kailey. Three cute girls in pink!
Tinkerbell was a favorite of both my girls!
Annabelle refused to take a picture with me, but Layla can still be restrained. :)
The little mermaid scene was very cool!
All the princesses coming out.
Eating dinner at Texas Roadhouse. At least Kailey would smile for me!
Annabelle and Judy.


Jenny said...

I'm so glad you guys got to go! That looked like fun!

Montana Brandts said...

Disney on Ice ROCKS!!! I am SO glad it worked out so you girls got to come!! It was a way fun night!! We had a blast.... & thank goodness someone remembered a camera!! Lol

Jill said...

So happy that you got to take them.