Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Miracle

It's Christmas Eve, the girls are in bed and we're all together, not in the hospital! I really thought Annabelle would be in with a fever right now but for the first time since starting treatment 8 months ago, Annabelle's ANC has already recovered and she didn't get a fever. FIRST TIME! It's a Christmas miracle.

A special thanks to the "Secret Santa and his Elves" who went out of their way to surprise us tonight. Such a thoughtful gift and the girls absolutely adore the cradle. Two baby dolls are tucked away in it for the night right now. Whoever you are, I hope you're reading this so that I can thank you. You have exemplified the true spirit of Christmas in your Christlike selflessness. May you and your family be blessed!

And to our other secret admirers who have been leaving pieces of the nativity set each day, you have brought smiles to our faces and I am so grateful for good people like you in the world. The girls' eyes light up every time they open the door and unwrap a piece. Such a special memory that we will treasure always.

I pray that each of you who read our blog will be blessed with the spirit of Christ this season, and always. I thank you for your thoughts, your kind words, your prayers, your generosity and your love and concern for Annabelle and our family during this trying time. My heart is full.


Brooke said...

So happy you guys could spend Christmas together!

Anonymous said...

Sally, I'm your Aunt Penney's friend, Deb, we came to scrap last year. I want you to read an article from the Helena IR on 12/25/11, called "Cancer Free for Christmas" It's about a friend of mine from high school's little girl, McClain, who has Ewings Sarcoma, and is now, after a tough fight, is cancer free. Annabelle will get through this, through the grace of God, and her loving parents and family and friends! Thinking of you often! Deb Chouinard