Sunday, January 1, 2012

Utah Moms with Cancer Fighting Cuties

We have a special group of cancer moms here in Utah. We have a private facebook group where we can ask questions, vent, share stories and whatever else we need to do with other moms who "get it". They also get together for dinner once a month (I haven't been able to make one yet) and have play dates. It's a group you never wanted to be a part of, but you're glad you have. These women are absolutely amazing and you feel so comfortable with them because you don't have to explain things or what your most recent lab results mean. They truly "get it" and I'm so thankful for them welcoming to the group as a temporary Utah resident!

There is also a blog where we share information and highlight our cancer cuties and their battles. Annabelle was featured this last week so I thought I'd share the link so you can read through her diagnosis story if you'd like. Or for anyone that is new to this blog, it's a good place to catch up on where we're at with Annabelle's treatment.

Utah Moms with Cancer Fighting Cuties: Meet Annabelle

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Shannon said...

I actually saw the link to this blog on your sidebar a couple days ago and looked to see if there was anything on Annabelle there. Annabelle's post probably came up the day after I looked! Love this girl. What a cutie!