Monday, January 23, 2012

Good News!!!

I spoke with Dr Brockmeyer, the neurosurgeon, today and he had good news for me. He was very pleased with the way Annabelle's x-rays looked. She had a regular x-ray done on Wednesday and then on Friday she had a flex-x as well. The flex-x is just x-rays of her neck while it is flexed. Makes sense, right? So they take the pictures from the side as she tucks her chin to her chest and then as she tips her head back as far as she can.

He said her neck is stable at this point and he doesn't anticipate her needing any surgery. Best news ever! I honestly thought the best we could hear was that it was the same as before, but he said it actually looks better now. Despite all the destructive things we are doing to her body (chemo and radiation) her neck has managed to heal a bit! There is some sclerosis, or scarring, at the c-6 vertebra which shows up bright white on the x-ray. That is where the bone has tried to heal itself so it is very dense with calcium, which makes it show up whiter. So if anything else, it is actually stronger than before.

Of course there is no telling what the future will bring, but Dr Brockmeyer said he expects that it will get stronger and stronger with time. They will continue to follow it closely, but he said she is clear to do regular activities now. She can be a kid again....well, a kid with a paranoid mother that is!

Here are a few pictures from my phone that I took while she was having her x-rays done.

I didn't get any pictures of the CT scan because it turned a little traumatic. I forgot that they won't put the contrast through their central lines anymore, so she had to have an IV placed. After 20 minutes, they finally got one in. The actual poke was no big deal, it's just the build up to it that stresses her out. She likes to watch the needle go right in. Such a brave girl! Anyway, after all that trauma, I had to hold the suction in her mouth (she is back to not swallowing her saliva) and move in and out with the machine. It was highly entertaining for the techs, I'm sure! As a result, I had no hands free to take pictures with. :)


Anna said...

I am so so happy for you guys! Thanks for sharing the good news!!

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!! Hugs and kisses to all of you! I'm doing a happy dance for you. Love, Auntie Penn

The Page Family said...

Great news!!! :) So happy for all of you. You deserve good news after everything you all have been through!

Rachael said...

What great news!!! You are all so brave. Her sweet face always is smiling! :)

RL Lacey Family said...

Oh, happy day! Give our girls a squeeze.