Thursday, January 12, 2012

Layla's Day

Layla had an appointment on Tuesday with an ophthalmologist at Primary Children's. She was born with clogged tear ducts and they just wouldn't open on their own. When she was 16 months old she finally had surgery to probe them. The right eye has been fine ever since but the left side closed right back up. Well...our lives got a little crazy soon after that and Layla's eye got put on the back burner. Sad, but true. When I got around to calling an eye Dr, they were all scheduling a few months out. But January 10th finally came and Layla had her very own trip to the hospital. She was so excited to be going to "sissy's hospital"! It actually turned out that Annabelle needed platelets and so she and Josh ended up coming along and we made it a family trip to PCMC. Fun, huh!?! But Layla was still excited about it being "her" trip.

All went well with Layla's appointment and she is scheduled for surgery at the end of February. This time around they will put a silicone tube in her tear duct to keep it open, and then remove it 2 months later. If that doesn't work, there is a 3rd surgery they can do where they bypass the tear duct completely and make an entire new hole for the tears to drain through. But hopefully we don't have to get to that point. This is a really minor thing compared to other medical issues we deal with on a daily basis, but it will be nice to have it out of the way and be done with goopy eyes.

Annabelle didn't make counts to start chemo earlier this week so we are delayed until next Wednesday. All of her scans have been moved to that day, so until then we will enjoy some time at home. Her counts have finally recovered so she should feel pretty good and be able to have some fun. She is back to hauling a spit bucket everywhere but I'm hopeful that she will feel well enough to swallow again soon. She threw up her feeding tube yesterday morning while I was in the shower. She was about due to have a new one placed anyway, (they only leave them in for 1 month before swapping out tubes) so I got the joy of placing a new one at home while Josh and Bev held her down. The good part was that she really wanted one back in so that I could put her medicine through it and she wouldn't have to swallow it! It was still pure torture, but a little more bearable than the usual.

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