Monday, April 23, 2012

One Year Later

Today is exactly one year since the day my worst fear was confirmed.  Annabelle DID have something very serious happening in her little body.  April 23, 2011, the day before Easter, is the day we found out Annabelle had a tumor in her neck.  A day that changed our lives, forever.

She has come a long way, though, and I couldn't be more proud of how she has handled it all.

Here's to many cancer free April 23s to come!!!


Anna said...

I love the picture of Annabelle with the smile! She is such a beautiful girl! Hope her fever went down and she is all fine. You guys are so close to the finish line!

Montana Brandts said...

Amen!! You guys have been through so much this past year & Annabelle is such an amazing little girl, full of hope, fight, & of course spunk!! I sure love that cute face!!

Laura said...

oh my goodness! a whole year! i remember exactly where i was when i read that first "is there something wrong" post and asking Stuart to tell me nothing was wrong with her. Goodness. Here's wishing and praying for all the best for you and your family! x